JDI Barbell’s Movement and Stability Fundamentals is for anyone new to strength training and anyone looking for a fresh perspective. It teaches the fundamentals and principles of movement as it applies to the main barbell movements.

This inclusive class offers a seamless introduction into our facility for newcomers and is a stress-free way either to get you started or to get you back into strength training. It requires zero experience, but if you do have some, we promise you’ll learn to rebuild a better foundation.


What Can You Expect To Learn?

  • Better breathing and bracing habits to keep your body healthy in and out of the gym.
  • Fundamentals and principles of finding the best way for your body to do squatting, hinging, and pressing movements
  • How to build awareness and tension in a hinge movement to build a strong deadlift
  • Pressing and pulling mechanics both from a fixed position or with free weight.
  • The setup and points of focus for basic barbell lifts like back squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and bench press. 
  • A review of how and when to use different barbells, dumbbells, and other equipment. 
  • An overview of the different types of barbell practice that we offer at JDI Barbell: Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and strength and conditioning. 
  • How to identify and address your personal needs for mobility and stability drills. 


When is this offered?

JDI Fundamentals meets for one week on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6:00 pm for an hour and a half each time. We offer this once every 4-6 weeks. 

We require everyone to wear masks and temperatures will be taken at the door. This group is very limited to allow for proper social distancing so if you are interested make sure to contact us now!

Contact us to find out our next start date! Rather learn all of this with a coach in a one-on-one setting? Send us a message at

Fundamentals – Meets for one week:  $125 (Mon, Wed, Fri @ 6 pm)